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When remodeling a kitchen in Florida, there are fun trends to take into consideration. There are even trends for those who prefer to be economically friendly. When selecting cabinets, select solid wood or wheatboard with nontoxic finishes. Paper or hemp countertops are suprisingly durable and easy to clean. Recycled tile also works well. Purchase a faucet with an aerator, which disperses air bubbles into the water, in order to use less water but maintain the same water pressure. A faucet with a recirculation pump, also a wise purchase, retains heated water so that the water doesn't have to run before it heats up. For an excellent, eco-friendly backsplash, use bamboo, cork, or scrapwood. For an artsy touch, old doors should be replaced with accent doors and a mosaic of stainless tiles can be used for a personalized backsplash. Another popular style is to have appliances, such as coffee makers, spice holders, or ice machines, actually built-in.

When it comes to cabinets, many things are in style in Florida. Built-in wine racks and built-in trash and recycling bins are quite popular. Lazy susans, open shelves, china displays, and drawer dividers are frequently incorporated.

Countertops should be constructed of unique colors and materials. Especially important is the durability, ease of maintaining, and ease of repairing these materials. It is also fashionable to use one type of material on the regular countertops, and a different one on the island, if there is an island.

For convenience, high arc faucets are preferred along with pull-down spouts. Many of those whom are remodeling in Florida choose to have faucets with built-in filtration systems for access to clean water all the time.
Kitchen floors are often remodeled using extra-wide plank heritage hardwood, traditional linoleum, or are finished with deep mahogany.
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