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Virginia is an unusual state when it comes to home remodeling and kitchen remolding. In one section of VA, there’s the Historic Triangle. Jamestown, Yorktown, and Williamsburg have homes that are older than the nation. These beautiful historic homes have special needs when it comes to kitchen remolding. How does a homeowner keep the historic integrity of the structure and design without sacrificing modern conveniences? Some areas of the historic Virginia have very strict guidelines when it comes to remolding a home. A homeowner needs to make sure they’re using a licensed contractor who understands local regulations. A large section of VA is a part of the Chesapeake Bay watershed. The ground itself fulfills a vital role in the ecosystem. A contractor needs to understand the unique qualities of the ground in Tidewater and the surrounding area. Northern Virginia (NOVA) was at one time farmland. This rural area has undergone a transformation in recent decades. Technology companies and housing developments have overtaken farmlands. Many of the older homes are too rustic and country for the modern urbanite. Kitchens that were designed to prepare freshly hunted deer need to be renovated to accentuate fondue dinners. The most drastic renovations and remolding projects can be found in the southwestern part of VA. These old mountain homes were originally built without indoor plumbing. Some older and more rustic sections of southwestern Virginia still lack reliable water supplies. Contractors working in that area need to understand the logistics of mountain roads, the trickiness of mountain land, and the special needs of old and outdated homes.

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